Allows you send Vodafone webtexts without typing the verification code (captcha).

This app is a plugin for the app Vodafone SMS (Unofficial), version [1.5]:


Free for trial: it will recognize captcha 5 times before expire.
After that you have to buy the app to have unlimited captcha recognition. It also removes the banner from the Vodafone SMS app.
You can re-install the app to test it again.

* Vodafone Ireland only.

Recognizes with 90% accuracy.

App Developers: contact me to integrate your app.

Android app on Google Play

Vodafone SMS (Unofficial)

* Unofficial Vodafone App
* Vodafone Ireland only

Provides quick and easy use of your free web text (SMS) from Vodafone.

Allows you to send messages for more than 5 contacts per time and splits your messages in case of having more characters than the website limit.

It also provides quick and easy use of Vodafone Services such as IOU Credit, IOU Buddy, Call Me!, and Check Balance.

Other features:
– Convenient notification on incoming message;
– Quickly reply, call or close the message;

Android app on Google Play


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